If Kim on 24 were any dumber a cougar wouldn't even want to eat her. Nelson has similar views.
eBay Tweaking Bezos?
French Military Victories? Your penance for laughing at this shall be reading, French-bashing is all the rage | Sac Bee.
Two artists arrested for posting pictures of Iraqis in NYC. The artists are part of the Baghdad Snapshot Action Crew. I wonder if we lock up the folks who put up those 'Cash for Cars' posters?
These Weapons of Mass Destruction cannot be displayed
In LA this weekend? Check out 'Live from the Blogosphere'

Ev is going to try and turn the Reverse Cowgirl around.

SoftwareOnline.com, Inc should be congratulated sued for this horribly deceptive pop-up. Not that I fell for it, please.
Down with Floppies, up with some other format that will one day be obsolete!
Tonight on The Factor: Bill O'Reilly continues to prove he is a complete ass.
Moby if you are reading this, help a Heather out.
Warprecords is offering a mash-up condensed version of last weeks State of the Union speech. Here is the mp3: Bush Whacked II.

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