Game over
'And so it ends, the last in a series of fictionalizations based on half-truths, vague recollections, and jokes involving body parts I don't have or don't fully utilize.
RIP mecawilson. We hardly knew ye.
When you are tired of assassinating spam, or arresting it, there is always hand-to-spam combat.
SBC Communications claims they own Patent on Internal links and Includes Plus they will send it in one bill combined with your local and long distance!!! Jerks.
'The United States of America has gone mad' Last Friday a friend of mine in California drove to his local supermarket with a sticker on his car saying: 'Peace is also Patriotic'. It was gone by the time he'd finished shopping. is a great looking online computer and hardware store. Great prices, plus they are right here in the Bay Area and carry a ton of stuff. I'm going to give them a shot.
I quite possibly will be physically ill if I read the word 'blogosphere' one more time.
"New Architect magazine is no more..." Damn, and it was just getting good again. My regrets to Maggie and crew.
I'm thinking of starting a photoblog, like Pink Elephants. Lane takes bitchin' photos, like this one of an interstate that looks nothing like an interstate.
Tired of USB card adapters and hubs cluttering your desk? Why not make your own Xtreme Keyboard? Why is everything in this post a question?
Ev is playing Johnny Cash's 'Folsom Prison Blues' while we are workin' and codin'. It's surprisingly good work music. It's also good 'shootin' folks in Reno' music. - Lieberman announces presidential bid 'Lieberman is perhaps the most conservative of the Democrats who have so far announced plans to run.' So much so in fact that he would make a good liberal Republican. Lieberman is also no friend of free speech. Where have all the real Democrats gone?
Case resigns as AOL chairman - It must be hard to see your baby in the hands of others. I know AOL gets blasted a lot but Case was, if nothing else, an interesting character in this milieu of media titans.
Microsoft to tweak Smart Displays | Great news for early 2004. These things will sell like hotcakes at $500 if you can watch DVD's in any room of the house off of the main family PC. Right now they are about 3 times that price and lock out other users of the base machine (lame).
Female or shemale ??? I got 8/16. I got nervous towards the end and went against my instinct. Yuck. [via doc]
Japanese Nipple Scarfs. I have to get over to Japan one of these days, the Japanese know how to have a good time. does exist. I always wanted to build a site like this. I was going to call mine 'OpenSourceIdeas'. This is better, plus they did all the work. The HalfBakery is still fun too.
On the other hand... Apple introduced a new browser, Safari. Just what every web designer wanted to hear, one more browser to design for. [update: We have our first complaint accompanied by screenshots. Matt has a unique understanding of why this is a particular pain in my mind.]
Damn, I think Apple finally made me want one. A 17" laptop screen, backlit keyboard, DVD burner, under 1 inch thick, 4.5 hour battery life. Sign me up for the new PowerBook G4 17
Penn and a feller
Going to Macworld Expo in SF? Have some passes for your buddies at Pyra? Ev and I were thinking of going too. Only problem... no passes. Last year, I went as renowned user experience expert Peter Merholz for an afternoon (he was done with it there was no theivery, thanks again Peter). Let me know if you can help out.

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