Going out of town for a bit during the holidays? The USPS now offers free Hold Mail Service ordering online. Nice!
IHT: Bush to declare Iraq in violation of resolution I am completely shocked! (No, not really. Bush 43 gets what he wants, in this case a war with Iraq.)
317X.com - vintage album covers
Looking for some streaming holiday music? Try the Nullsoft FESTIVUS Holiday Radio, stream now or choose your own. Christmas, Kwaanza or Hannukah beats.
San Francisco isn't kidding around with the rain today storm this weekend. I personally have a quart or two of it on my head to prove it.
[update: 12.16.2002] Turns out it's not your average rain storm. On Friday, most of the Pyra team and I saw the rear end of a mid-size Japanese car resting peacefully atop the front of a VW Golf in downtown SF care of the slick conditions. In addition, my fence is minus one fence post due to almost 100 mph winds and the hillside near my house is slowly sliding towards the street. Hatches will be battened!
Emogame.com was a bit more graphic than expected.
Iran-Contra Reunion Newsletter Item By the way, the war monger crowd gets the uber cool nickname 'war bloggers', how about us peaceniks? 'paxblogger', 'blogatopians', 'p-bloggers' [?]
I wish this was an Onion link. 'On November 25th the San Francisco Board of Supervisors voted 8-2 to ban Segway scooters from the sidewalks of San Francisco.' [ via anil ]
Aw, cmon! 'The Living Daylights' was a great Bond flick. Sorry, I'll always stand by my standard 'Timothy Dalton was the best Bond after Connery' line any day.
Anatomy of a 3.5" Floppy Disc
'Raytheon is best known for its Tomahawk cruise missile, the preferred method for getting any party started.'
Tell your broker that you want to invest in The Perpetual War Portfolio today!
It's good to see that some people aren't scared of using the CSS position property.
advent calendar, 2002 [via heather]
Yowza! Study links biking, male infertility 'Frequent jolts, vibration may cause abnormalities in scrotum'
For those folks on your Christmas list that like to spin the wheels of steel, The DJ Shoulder Bag from Yak Pak is the coolest. The deal of the season though is Yak Pak's $10 for 3 bags sample bag specialicon. *Disclaimer* you may receive a fanny pack.
'Well, I guess it's good Kissinger has a job that'll keep him in the U.S... You know, since if he travels outside the country he'll be arrested as a f***ing war criminal and all.'
Forget Notepad, try Metapad. In XP you can even make it transparent.

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