Take Action: Tell Toyota to get in gear on better gas mileage

I'm a happy Toyota customer and were picking up an new Toyota Highland Hybrid in a week. I'm disappointed in their lobbying efforts to fight higher MPGs over the next few years. Use this form to let Toyota know you are disappointed too.

magnificent bastard - ask the mb blazer with tshirt

It's over Johnny, over. No more t-shirts with blazers. Next.

`Lucky' returns to Bay Area grocery stores

I never switched to calling the old Lucky's stores Albertson's so I am a fan of this development. Very glad they didn't go all the way back to renaming them Alpha-Beta.

WSJ: Q&A: Blogger.com Engineers Discuss the Evolution of Blogging - WSJ.com

Case and I aren't engineers but we play them in the Wall Street Journal.

15 Reasons Mister Rogers Was the Best Neighbor Ever

Mr. Rogers is one of the few programs I'm happy to see my children watch. Even Sesame Street has gone downhill and overly commercial but good old Fred is still keeping it real posthumously.

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We The People

The Edwards campaign is trying to take the veto reversal to the streets. Link it up!

Microsoft takes aim at Google project - Yahoo! News

In other news, Microsoft pointed out that the little girl on the corner selling lemonade is not adhering to home owners association rules about signage on lawns.

Thoughts on Music by Steve Jobs

Hell yes! I have been privately lobbying a few major labels about this for a few years and they act like I have two heads. I would love to think this is possible.

YouTube - Barenaked Ladies - Sound of Your Voice

Featuring some familiar YouTubers.

YouTube - Mr. T: The "T" in I.T.

My friend at Hitachi sent this over. I think we can all learn something from Mr. T [via Mike Brandt]

Happy Holidays, 24 style

For the 24 fans in the house.

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Joe Mathlete Explains Today's Marmaduke

I would have made this a Blog of Note but it's not the most family friendly blog.

The Invisible Danger You Carry To the Gas Station

Scroll down to the video. Yowza!

Pregnant star misses Vatican gala

The 16-year old star is taking this method acting thing a little far.

Wireless energy could power consumer, industrial electronics

I've been joking about needing wireless power for years, but it usually conjures up images of a huge Tesla coil aimed at a laptop.

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