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My name is Jason Shellen with Blogger.
Before we get into the speech let me share with you a few thoughts on how we see blogs at Blogger and Google.
What makes blogs go. 
There are three major components to the blogging universe.  Writing, reading and connecting. 
Whether it’s the web as a whole, a company or a tightly-knit group of friends, blogs facilitate communication by building bridges between individual content and larger communities.
A blog post is an atomic unit of personal expression.
Blogs start with the expression one’s ideas and opinions.  A blog can range from intensely personal, to formal business writing to a simple list of links.
Whatever the case, every blogger has an intended audience in mind.  Perhaps it’s an audience of one and the blogger is just keeping a personal journal.  We’ve found that the vast majority of bloggers write for public consumption.
A blog has traditionally been made up of written words or perhaps images, but now a blog can be audioblogs or photoblogs or wirelessphotophoneblogs.
Wireless blogging of pictures, video on the way.
We’ve been working with a SprintPCS camera phone the Sanyo 8100 to show a proof of concept.
It’s viewable at: http://www.shellen.com/wireless/
Moblogging = mobile blogging
Phone to blog
This Blogger service can be found on http://www.audioblogger.com and allows for the posting of audio messages in mp3 form to be posted to your blog automatically.
As I mentioned before, most writing has an intended audience.
The majority of blogging does not exist in a vacuum. It is meant to be read, thoughts and ideas are shared and passed around.
Writers sometimes get to know their audiences and the most avid blog readers have even clamored for other ways to take in this content.
Following are a few examples of how people read blogs.
Blogs are read on the web and in news feed aggregators and readers.
This is a popular one called Newzcrawler. http://www.newzcrawler.com
Allows people to read blogs in email-like formats or as newsgroup posts.
New innovations in the technology have changed where it’s possible to connect with blogs:
New software called: Read it to Me http://www.tow.com/software/read_it_to_me/
Converts RSS feed format to an MP3 file for playing on an iPod.
Here is an example of the output from a post on the site BoingBoing.net converted through ‘Read it To Me.’
Gecko gloves mp3 file…
This slide demonstrates how a blogger posts audio content. 
The third area that I would like to talk about is how people connect with relevant blog content.  If you can’t find it, then it might as well not be there – right?
First of all, where blogs are located on the web, and linked plays a crucial role in the blogging experience.
- Blogroll – the interlinking between blogs is the #1 currency. 
- Blogstreet.  Neighborhoods with blogs.
- Business blogs can help your company build a community – communicate a message.
Links in links out.  The type of links out can tell you a lot about the nature of a blog as do inbound links.
People visit, find and read blogs all day long using Google.
As an aside, I’d like to clarify that the recent rumors about Google removing blogs from its index are false.
Google loves blogs and crawls and indexes as many blogs as possible. 
Currently there isn’t a blog specific search but this is something we plan to work on. Using Google technology to help find highly relevant blog content .
People read blogs for many reasons. It’s relatively easy to find examples of blogs that reflect a personal viewpoint that discusses music, movies, politics but there are also a growing number of people who publish blogs for business.
Where are they important in your organization?
- As a tool for collaboration with teams? 
- A tool to gauge of what’s new and interesting in your industry?
- A public blog for your business -- what the ‘Cluetrain Manifesto’ called a human voice to your business. 
Blogs have been around for a long time. It’s arguable who had the first blog but most of the blogging providers started around 1999 and have been growing since then. This is a long standing community and like all communities it has a code of ethics, some best practices and dedicated members.
The fear in the blogging community today is the same as those in real estate. That big business is going to tear down the old farm and pop-up a 1Million square foot Walmart or as the Joni Mitchell song says ‘They paved paradise and put up a parking lot.’
The blogging community will view all endeavors in this space carefully.
While blogs may be relatively new to business sensitivity is important.  I think businesses and blogs can and will coexist peacefully.
We’ll pick on a recent favorite blog the blog that was set-up for this conference.
This site has a lot of good elements of a blog. Good descriptive data:
Date, Time, Author, Archive links, this blog even has recent titles and a link to an alternative format in XML.  It’s also a good blog citizen participating in the blog feedback loop by linking to other related blogs.
I noticed one key piece lacking about a month ago and that is the permalink. In the world of blogs this is key. It changes a blogs importance greatly if other bloggers are able to point directly to a post:
Open you content to bloggers. Flash has traditionally been hard to link to. Credit your sources. Link to ‘small’ sites.
Companies using blogs externally and internally.
Blogs aren’t just for large businesses. This small t-shirt and rubber stamp company uses a blog to showcase their new designs.
Permalinks allow a unique idea to live on and be picked up and distributed by users that actually want and like an item.
This is different than a newsletter because it’s not likely a blogger would clip something from an html email newsletter and post it to their site.  This example much more subtle.
One of the first things we did at Google was to get an internal, behind the firewall, version of Blogger up and running for Googlers to use.
Since its launch, use of the service has skyrocketed . 
This is a version of Blogger used internally to great fanfare.
Stuff / Pyra Labs continues today.
Google love notes
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