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There are three major components to the blogging universe.  Writing, reading and connecting. 
Whether it’s the web as a whole, a company or a tightly-knit group of friends, blogs facilitate communication by building bridges between individual content and larger communities.
Photo blogs
In Blogger the we allow you to upload photos. Traditionally, this has been a feature we have charged for in Blogger Pro but two days ago we made an announcement that most of the features in Pro will now be rolled into good old Blogger.
Here is a sample of cruising through the file folder to add a photo to your blog in Blogger.
Wireless blogging of pictures, video on the way.
We’ve been working with a SprintPCS camera phone the Sanyo 8100 to show a proof of concept.
It’s viewable at: http://www.shellen.com/wireless/
RSS is supported today by Blogger Pro and syndication will be supported moving forward. Easily read in a newsreader or aggregator. Like Newzcrawler or FeedReader.
Blogger currently supports an XML feed format and supports a developing industry-wide standard called Atom