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-Google announced the acquisition of Blogger mid-February of 2003.
-Since joining Google, we’ve been hard at work developing new products and building a better Blogger. This includes the release of the new codebase.
-Google gets BIG!
-Blogger at Google means Google gets a better understanding of how weblogs work. Improving the crawl, search and whatever the future may hold.
-Google is committed to unbiased objective search results.
- Search results come from mulitple indices
- Main crawl happens roughly monthly, comprehensive
- Fresh crawl happens roughly daily
- News crawl happens many times a day
(NOTE – this is pre-BART. We don’t talk about BART yet, Aug. 2003)
-Weblog content is included in Google’s Main and Fresh indices. 
- Topics are updated continuously throughout the day, so you will see new stories each time you check the page.
- Google has developed an automated grouping process for Google News that pulls together related headlines and photos from thousands of sources worldwide -- enabling you to see how different news organizations are reporting the same story.
- You pick the item that interests you, then go directly to the site which published the account you wish to read.