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artist: Beth and Chris
title: Easy Lover (cover)
more: Grant has a rockin' version of Easy Lover he's been working on, this download is the opposite of Grant's. This cover hurt my ears just a little bit, but fun just the same. [via dooce]


artist: Sifl and Olly (Liam Lynch)
title: United States of Whatever
more: Yeah, whatever! Here's an audio clip and a Real video clip. I miss Sifl and Olly. Best line in a TV show ever, 'Question: What would happen if you cooked and ate a Jamiroquai CD? Answer: You would die!'


artist: N.E.R.D.
title: In search of...
more: AKA The Neptunes. Don't let the fact that they are the beatmakers for Britney and Justin discourage you, their debut album leaves the bubblegum at the curb.


artist: Various Artists
title: Maybe This Christmas
more: A few alternative artists mellow out for Christmas time. Ben Folds, Jimmy Eat World, Sarah McLachlan and more. Coldplay checks in with possibly the saddest version of 'Merry Little Christmas' you've ever heard.


artist: Pedro the Lion
title: Winners Never Quit
more: Pedro tells a story with every album. Not always a happy story.


artist: Chomsky
title: Man of the Hour
more: crank it to 11

[11/6/2002] Lover in the Snow by Rivers Cuomo

[9/30/2002] By the Way by Red Hot Chili Peppers

[9/3/2002] Jilted on the Tarmac by Chris and Tad

[8/27/2002] Man of the Hour by Chomsky

[6/27/2002] Unhappily yours by Alva Star

[6/8/2002] Papa Dont Preach by Kelly Osbourne

[5/23/2002] Overdue by The Get Up Kids

[4/17/2002] Spork by The Pills

[3/25/2002] Rise and Shine by Pilot to Bombardier

[3/11/2002] Simple Things by Zero 7

[3/1/2002] Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard by Paul Simon

[2/11/2002] The Onceler by Pinehurst Kids

[1/30/2002] How Does It Feel by Sugarcult

[1/18/2002] Progression Sessions, Vol. 2 by LTJ Bukem

[12/11/2001] Jorge Regula by Moldy Peaches

[11/29/2001] Selfafornia by Self

[10/16/2001] Get Ready by New Order

[9/17/2001] Upsy Daisy Assortment by XTC

[9/6/2001] Bleed American by Jimmy Eat World

[8/29/2001] Comfort Eagle by Cake

[8/6/2001] Doolittle by The Pixies

Deep Down and Dirty by Stereo MC's

The Proximity Effect by Nada Surf

Watering Ghost Garden by Creeper Lagoon

(2001) by Weezer

From The Screen to Your Stereo by New Found Glory

Amnesiac by Radiohead

Blue Skies Broken Hearts...Next 12 Exits by The Ataris

Stankonia by Outkast

Something to Write Home About by The Get Up Kids

Black on both Sides by Mos Def

Things Fall Apart by The Roots

Bitstream Dream

White Pony by The Deftones

The Bends by Radiohead

Gizmodgery by Self

Movement in still life by BT

Endtroducing.... by DJ Shadow

Surrender by Chemical Brothers

Parachutes by Coldplay

Essential selection vol.one - disc one by Fatboy Slim