It's you or me spam, and it sure isn't gonna be me

Jason Shellen
21 years ago

Looks like there is quite a bit of headway being made in the spam killing, unwanted email thwarting space lately. A while back, I had requested that someone build a SpamCop auto-reporter for Outlook on Windows like Mr.Barrett had done for Macs. I still haven't seen that however my more recent thought regarding spam was 'Gee, wouldn't it be great if someone added a junk sender to their ignore list if it would be added to my list too?' Enter Cloudmark SpamNet a peer to peer Outlook add-in for Windows. I'm eager to see if this will work. I'll keep you posted. I have high hopes since it uses Vipul's Razor which is also a key component of the more complex mail filter SpamAssassin. Even Spam Assassin has a Windows product being developed around it, SpamAssassin Pro. I guess there is hope yet for those of us unwilling to cast our PC's aside for sterile looking iBooks.

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