I know they call it a quiet period but sheesh!

Jason Shellen
18 years ago · 1 min read

Ok, back on the air. A few things:

  • The move went well. We are now in our new home and have a few unpacked boxes here and there but in general things have gone well. We did lose a set of car keys but I haven't been sufficiently convinced that they aren't mixed in with the box of dried flowers and candles. Only time will tell.
  • Allie, Drew and I caught a gnarly stomach flu. I'll spare you the details, but we are no worse for wear.
  • Pleasanton is 10 degrees hotter on average than our old place. Yow!
  • I love a walk-able downtown! I especially enjoy taking my steed of restored cruisers out for a spin down Main Street. My one complaint is that one of my favorite local coffee shops closed the week we moved in! Looks like it didn't survive a recent acquisition. Acquisitions are hard, even in coffee.
  • Have I mentioned the new house has ethernet in every room? WiFi is just icing on the cake now.
  • I keep adding weird things to shellen.com like Google Groups Beta integration - which allows you to subscribe to shellen.com by email and more recently the Mail-This-Post code and now with Chris Wetherell's help - rotating image headers. I'll describe how to do all this stuff soon.
  • Being 'Blogger' - capital B puts us in odd company every once in a while when folks mean 'blogger' - little b.
  • I'm sorry I missed the Internet Planet panel I was supposed to be on last week. Here's a panel wrap-up anyway.
  • Not to be a jerk or anything but... are you about done mourning the Gipper too? Get that flag back up to full staff and let's get back to work already!